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Kind-of Hearts and Carriageways

Hello 2015!

We are still in January but a few things have been happening already!


This my first Forest photo of the year from near 4 Counties Car Park on the first litter pick of the year and just to reiterate again, would people PLEASE take their litter, especially dog poo, home with them!

It is worth saying a big thank you to all those who bought one of our virtually carbon free and heathland beneficial Christmas Trees! This is a pile of trees for awaiting collection that I saw in a car park (not on the Forest) and for those who also had an Ashdown Forest Scots Pine and didn’t contribute to this, give yourselves a pat on the back!


Moving on to more unwanted tree clearance, we have made a start with the removal of trees such as Silver Birch that if left unmanaged would dominate the heathland.


This is over near Poundgate and our truck loaded up with wood for our boiler. It’s been a challenge to carry out this work with the amount of rain we’ve had which has meant we haven’t been able to treat the stumps with herbicide.


From all this time being out and about, it is slightly ironic that my first wildlife sighting of note this year has been from inside our tool shed! This lovely little thing is Herald moth. They are known for hibernating in cool, dark places, like our tool shed, during the winter and it turns out that this could potentially be a local rarity. Whatever its status, I just think it’s really sweet.

This past week we have been taking out potentially dangerous trees from roadsides Forest wide. What we do and how we do it is fairly self explanatory but doing this work does mean we see some things that others wouldn’t.

TomHeartFor instance, I’m finding a few wooden body parts on these trees such as this heart (the heart of Ashdown Forest perhaps?). I actually found it about this time last year.




Next we have a slightly mossy brain.












Finally we have grumpy looking Holly stump face.







One slightly more real, and probably more interesting, thing hidden away out there is just by the A22/A275 junction at Wych Cross.


This is the old toll board from the old toll house that used to be at Wych Cross. The story goes that when the toll house was demolished, the board, which is more of a stone engraving, was removed and reset in this brick block. Over time, it’s clearly been largely forgotten about but it is still there. You may be able to make out ‘Uckfield’ and ‘Lewes’ on there.

It’s lovely relic of a time gone by and on that note, that’s it from me.